Summer Beauty Tips: How to Tame Your Frizzy Hair During the Summer

Summer is the best time of the year for outdoor activities that you wouldn't take part in during winter and spring. It is the best time for barbeques with friends and family, parties, road trips and other exciting activities. For this reason, there is a need to ensure that you always step out with your hair game on point. However, if the hot and humid summer air makes your hair frizzy and untamable, you may not be as optimistic about summer as everyone else. The following tips will come in handy to ensure that you enjoy smooth, silky hair all summer.

Invest in quality products

Ever had to worry about switching up your makeup during the summer? The same way you move to a lightweight foundation during the summer, your hair also requires products that will be suitable for the hot weather. Invest in an anti-humidity spray to protect the hair from the humid environment. Get an anti-frizz product and heat protection spray as well. This will prevent the hair from getting frizzy when you step out.

Avoid extreme heat

The last thing you need during summer is to style your hair with the curling iron and other heating tools. As you apply heat to the hair, you not only weaken it but also increase the chances of frizzing up. To maintain smooth, silky, and strong hair throughout the summer, keep away the heating tools. Do not straighten, blow-dry, or flat-iron the hair on a daily basis. After washing it, apply your products then leave the hair to air-dry, and this will help you tame the unruly manes.

Dry gently

Roughly drying your hair after washing it causes the cuticles to become dry, rigid, and brittle, and this causes it to frizz up. Too much force can even cause damage and breakage. Do not dry the hair roughly while moving up and down the shaft. Instead, blot and squeeze it dry with a towel. Invest in a microfiber towel as it will be gentle on the hair, scalp, and cuticles, and it will ensure that hair remains smooth and manageable after drying.

Don't touch it all the time

Women love their hair, and it is no wonder that you like to run your hands down it or fuss with it. As harmless as this looks, touching the hair all the time causes friction between the strands and leads to frizzing. Try to keep your hands away to maintain smooth and frizz-free hair as you step out during the summer. This may take a little getting used to but will be worth it in the long run.

Follow these tips to ensure that you enjoy smooth hair throughout the summer. For more tips on how to manage your hair and learn more beauty secrets, consider enrolling in a professional beauty school for beauty courses.

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